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World Revolution: CD

World Revolution: CD

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New Cd On Sale Now

Zion was born in a small village located on the eastern side of the 

island of Dominica call La Plaine. It has a population of 1,288 and 

is considered the second-largest settlement in Saint Patrick Parish. 

There, he had experienced many hardships and obstacles as a 


Many might have considered these experiences as hindrances, 

yet Zion embraced and accepted them, using them as tools of 

inspiration that have led him to mold, 

guide and shape his music in the years to come  

  At the age of 16, while living in St.Croix U.S.V.I, he discovered a love 

for roots reggae music. Real Roots music with meanings to life 

means and ends and with the help of some local producers, 

he recorded his first album "United We Stand". Zion moved 

to The United States when he was 18 years old. 

This migration held him steadfast in his beliefs and love for the music; he continued to hone his musical sensibilities and abilities. Through his latest single "World Revolution" and "Giving Praises, "Zion carries a touch of Reggae to international heights. Zion has performed with Ziggy Marley and recorded at Bob Marley's legendary Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica.  

In 2006, while recording at Bob Marley Studio in Jamaica, Alrick Thompson of Tuff Gong International approached him. With the support of his new friends, Zion gained new momentum to officially launch his musical career. In 2009, Thompson Productions had invited him to perform a successful tour with Joseph Israel and Ziggy Marley in Hawaii. Since then, Zion have opened up for a number of national and international artist:- The Wailers Band in 2012, Pato Banton in 2010, Mighty Diamonds in May of 2012, Luciano, Junior Reid on April 26, 2014 and Ras Shiloh in April 25, 2015 with Echo Vibes Promotions, Warrior King June 25th 2016 

  Some of Zion's all time influences are Lucky Dube, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Sanchez, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Alpha Blondy, Luciano, Ziggy Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Israel Vibration, Morgan Heritage, Garnett Silk. 

​ If you are interested in Zion's new release, "World Revolution" please click on the album from the top of the page. Thank you

44new with Tommy Mason

44new with Tommy Mason

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